Pfizer PDF Automation Controls Lifecycle Upgrade

After a good number of weeks of long days and no weekends off I am pleased to say that the installation phase of the main project is nearing completion.

Commissioning of the near 4,000 I/O points has already started and is well ahead of schedule.

The ECS team has worked tirelessly with the clients project team to get the Pfizer pilot plant back up and running, with this completely new control system.

It is a credit to all of our colleague’s that they have earned the respect of this world class pharmaceutical client.

“ECS has always been a great partner with us. And while I say ECS, it’s each of you as individuals that makes such a great team, and delivers such great performance. 

 Every day. Every project. Love working with you fellas”.

Just some of the comments from the clients most senior personnel.


Thanks team. I hope you all enjoy a well-earned Christmas rest.