Pfizer Filter Dryer

ECS had been tasked with the design, installation and validation of their new state of the art Filter Dryer at their Pilot Development Facility, based on the sandwich site in Kent.

Disinvestment – The first stage of the project was to disinvest the current mobile filter dryer freeing up plant and Control capacity.

Design – Working closely with our client, our design covered the Instrument and equipment specification instruments, I.S Calculations, Loop design and drawings. FAT was attended on behalf of our client.

Installation – Following on from our design, the next step was the installation. This faced it’s on challenges, as the production within the facility was at full capacity. Intrinsically safe barriers, Multicores control cables, accompanied with individual instrument and pneumatic supplies where installed. The Dryer control panel was installed within the hazardous area but was protected by purged air and safety interlocks.

Testing and inspecting – After completion of the installation the system was checked from end to end including, electrical testing, cold loop checks, hot loop checks, earth continuity checks and Hazardous inspections.

Commissioning Team – our dedicated commissioning team finished the icing on the cake by working closely with the client and vendor and carrying out the system function checking.

The plant is soon to go into production and we look forward to the future projects involving the entire controls system upgrade.