‘From Turnkey To Turkey’

ECS have successfully completed yet another turnkey project comprising of a milling machine control system for a pharmaceutical company based in Turkey.

The machine is designed to mill various products.  Due to the hazardous nature of the milling process the system requires nitrogen purging in most

instances with various safety controls to be implemented before milling can start.

An oxygen analyser, interlocked with the mill control scheme has been provided to take a sample stream of exiting gases, with the level of oxygen being monitored to ensure a safe, low, level for operation.

As far as the controls were concerned we provided two main panels, namely a single Main Control Panel to be installed in the safe area which is to be connected to a wall mounted Local Operator Control Panel in the hazardous area.

The Main Control Panel houses all of the electrical and pneumatic control components for the system.

The Local Operator Control Panel houses all of the mill control operation push buttons and selector switches, along with mill status indication, all suitably designed for the hazardous area.

A mill mounted junction box was installed to provide connections between the mill and the Local Operator Control Panel. Motor power and control cables were then installed, glanded and terminated. As with all of our installations every cable and every cable core was uniquely identified which makes commissioning, future maintenance and tracing more efficient saving time and money.

It is this attention to detail and our work quality that has won us praise from several companies who we continue to work closely with.

This project was overseen by James Barton – Project Manager