Chromotography Cold Room Chiller Changeover

Chromotography Cold Room Chiller Changeover


The chromatography cold room is one the most critical areas at the client’s facility being the primary location for the purification and storage of modification enzymes.

The chromatography cold room is a validated room and is required to maintain a controlled temperature between 2 to 10°C around a set point of 5°C.  To maintain this temperature specification, located externally of the operations building, are two (duty/standby) chillers supplying a HVAC duct mounted cooling coil.

In order to maintain the room temperature a new chiller changeover control panel has been designed, built, installed and commissioned by Enhanced Control Systems, interfacing with the two chiller sets and chiller loop instrumentation, with control and display feedback via a Trend IQ controller and IQ View 4 HMI display.

As part of the upgrade we also installed new welded 1” stainless steel flow and return pipework between the two chillers and a new internal chilled water coil which incorporated a new actuated 3 port mixing valve, flow line pressure transmitters, return line temperature sensors, flow switches, all necessary instrument pockets, non-return, commissioning and isolation valves and automatic air vents.

The new pipework incorporates connection points to accept flexibles for a future hired chiller connection.

The pipework has been trace heated and insulated in vapour sealed foil faced mineral fibre.