ECS develops another unique multi-lingual Mill Control System

Posted on 20th Apr 2021

ECS, along with our client Apex Process Technology, has successfully delivered another bespoke comminuting mill control system.

Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the overseas application, the system comprises of a main control panel with an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and colour touch panel PC. The system also features automatic switching between multiple operator languages.

The control system has been developed for speed control and temperature feedback of the mill and includes an automated shutdown at high temperature, and tripped safety circuit with local alarm and indication.

Additional safety features include a skid-mounted pneumatics panel allowing for purging of the mill bearings; cooling water supply to the mill chamber and pneumatic hopper hammer for the loosening of product.

On completion of a scheduled production batch, the system is also able to produce a network retrievable report which provides comprehensive information about the efficiency of the recent process. This detailed information allows the client to monitor, assess and maintain continuous optimisation and safety standards.

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